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Creative Computing Curriculum tools for Primary & secondary schools

App Maker

A mobile app making tool for schools to use in ICT and the wider curriculum to safely build and publish apps as part of learning. Extensive teacher admin tools support monitoring of pupil progress, assessment through feedback and full control over app publishing.



PureCode Python is a coding tool for schools accessible from anywhere with onscreen project creation, playback, peer publishing and teacher project templates supporting ICT and computer science studies.



A simple, safe & teacher-managed video web conferencing tool for schools to connect classes to expertise and audiences wherever they are.  Featuring chat, fast file sharing and up to four people in a call collaborative learning has never been so immediate and so easy. 


Blippit Social

engagE parents with your school.
Using facebook

BLIppit social gets school fishing where the parents are... on facebook

We professionally design, set-up and brand your school presence on Facebook then train your core team face-to-face with all the latest know-how.

Use our knowledge and experience of working with many nursery, primary, secondary and hospital settings to get the best possible outcome right from the start.


A Blippit SIte complements the Blippit social approach perfectly

A school website shouldn't be a burden.  A Blippit Site dovetails with Blippit Social to effortlessly and seamlessly communicate the whole school picture.

Beautiful, streamlined and professional school web site design, aligned with UK Government information requirements and fully accessible to parents on any device.

“Blippit Social have been a pleasure to work with. They have helped our school leadership team go from sitting on the fence to fully embracing the power of social media in this modern age.” Mr Glyn ellis, head teacher, haslingden primary, 2015

blippit IO - Creative computing in the cloud

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The App Maker for KS 2 & KS 3 Computing

The unique Blippit IO App Maker enables students to create and publish their own mobile apps under management and control  of school.  Students can make apps on any topic and stick to simple ‘drag and drop’ building or use code such as HTML5 and Javascript.  Apps work on any phone device and are shared in the Planet Blippit App Sharing Community at  The Blippit IO App Maker is unique because it's the only product in the world that was built from scratch for the school environment and because of this you are guaranteed a solution that works at scale while at the same time giving you all the bells and whistles you need to be creative, monitor progress in learning, deliver feedback to students directly via the App Maker Comms panel and be in control of what gets published and when. 

Code using PureCode Python in the Cloud

If you can remember Logo and that programmable little Turtle that used to zip about the screen following your written instructions then  you’ll have a really good starting point with PureCode Python.  A Natural progression into text based coding following on from using Scratch,  use the ready-to-go templates all with full commentary and tasks to explore.  Or create your own project templates in PureCode Python for your own student groups who can open and work on them from anywhere anytime.   Students can share and learn from each other's projects as well as download their code locally to use however they like. 

Web Video Conferencing made safe & simple at last

FREE to Blippit IO school users!  Blippit IO Spotlight is safe because it’s teacher-managed and designed to help school reach out and connect as it might if Skype wasn’t blocked or open to safeguarding concerns.  The teacher can set up an instant or scheduled face-to-face video call for up to four connections.  Of course you’ll need to chat to share web links easily and quickly as well as super fast file sharing too.  The teacher can see who is online at any given moment and invite other ’live’ users at their school into a mentoring or tutorial session on demand.  The teacher can also invite in external experts or guests who don't have an account in Blippit IO for that ‘real world’ input or audience factor anywhere in the world.

blippit Social

videos & Headteacher interview

The complete school social media parental engagement service

Engage parents successfully by fishing where the fish are with easy-to-see benefits and impact evidence provided by us every month to your inbox.  We design, configure and brand your school presence on Facebook, train your team with all the latest know-how plus the bring the benefit of our extensive experience collaborating with schools using social media for the last 5 years.

Listen:  Post-Ofsted Head Teacher Interview 2014

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Blippit Social supports & monitors your school

You’re never alone with Blippit Social.  We support your school proactively, in the background and on demand when you’re busy doing the day job.

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Head Teachers say that reaching parents and engaging with them is a real challenge and top priority.   It’s our experience that schools have to be where the parents are in order to reach them.  Once there, trained, launched and running Blippit Social Reports are generated each month covering all social school activity every month in an easy to follow data-rich graphical report.  It’s the smart way to optimise your social efforts as a school.

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 "Our [Ofsted] report actually refers directly to parent's use of the school's Facebook (although they say internet) page to keep up to date with immediate news about their children's learning. The team saw the page in action during the inspection and were very impressed with it's use and impact, so thanks for contributing to our positive outcome!" Head Teacher, Nicky Patrick, formerly Burnham-on-Crouch Primary School, Essex. 2014.